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Playboy slot REVIEW

Playboy ReviewIt’s hard to believe that Playboy, one of the most iconic brands of modern times, has been around for almost 60 years. Today’s world is almost unrecognisable from the one that existed when the first edition of Playboy hit the shelves in 1953, and this has been reflected in the evolution of Hugh Hefner’s famous brand. By changing with the times, while staying true to its essence, Playboy has retained its relevance well into the 21st century. This 5 x 3, 243 ways slot comes to you courtesy of online gaming behemoth Microgaming, under licensing agreement with Playboy. It is a celebration of the contemporary Playboy brand, and stars four playmates, Kimi, Sofia, Ashley and Jillian. True to the Playboy tradition, each playmate is absolutely gorgeous, and while they are a little scantily clad, these are clearly four very classy women.

Let’s get this out there early: nudity doesn’t play a significant part in the game (if that’s what you’re looking for, you’d be better off buying the Spring 2020 edition of Playboy, which will soon become a collector’s item, as it is to be the final printed issue). Still, there’s much to recommend this slot, and the medium volatility experience it offers. Betting starts at 0.30 credits, and can go up to a maximum of 30 credits (this can vary according to the limit set by the casino you’re playing in). The maximum win possible is 1 215 000 coins, and the game’s RTP is 96.57%.

Playboy slot

The four playmates are very realistically depicted, and this makes them highly credible characters. The rest of the game art is of an equally high standard, while the sounds are exactly what you’d imagine life in the fastlane to sound like. The objective is simple: land the 3 or more Scatters that grant access to the Playboy Club, and do so as many times as possible. The exclusive Playboy Club is where all the action happens. It comprises 4 distinct Free Spins games, each hosted by one of the playmates. The four games are unlocked in sequence as you rack up the required number of visits to the Playboy Club. If you succeed in entering the Playboy Club enough times to achieve Platinum Status, the privilege of unlimited access is yours. An irresistible mechanism if ever there was one!

Game Symbols

Playboy has a total of 14 symbols. These comprise 12 standard symbols (4 highs, 3 of medium value, and 4 lows), a Wild and a Scatter. The Playboy logo is the Wild symbol, and adds winning potential by doubling wins in which it substitutes for another symbol. The Scatter symbol depicts copies of Playboy magazine. Along with unlocking the Playboy Club feature when 3 or more land, this symbol can also award superb payouts. These range from 1x your bet for landing just 2 Scatters (better than nothing, right?), up to a mouthwatering 200x your bet if you land 5 Scatters. Of course, the four playmates are the top symbols. Jillian has the highest value, followed by Ashley, Sofia and Kimi. The three medium-value symbols feature beautiful couples enjoying the high life. In descending order of value, they are the couple on the yacht, the couple enjoying a cruise in a sports car, and then the two daredevils taking a spin on a motorcycle. The five low symbols are ranked from Ace, through King, Queen and Jack to the 10 symbol. Let’s have a look at the Playboy paytable:

Scatter – Pays 200x total stake for 5 of a kind

Wild – Pays 33.3x total stake for 5 of a kind

Jillian – Pays 16.6x total stake for 5 of a kind

Ashley – Pays 15x total stake for 5 of a kind

Sofia – Pays 13.3x total stake for 5 of a kind

Kimi – Pays 11.6x total stake for 5 of a kind

Couple on yacht – Pays 10x total stake for 5 of a kind

Couple in sports car – Pays 8.3x total stake for 5 of a kind

Couple on bike – Pays 6.6x total stake for 5 of a kind

Ace – Pays 5x total stake for 5 of a kind

King – Pays 5x total stake for 5 of a kind

Queen & Jack – Pays 4.1x total stake for 5 of a kind

10 – Pays 4.1x total stake for 5 of a kind

Bonus Features

Gaining access to the Playboy Club, with its four distinct Free Spins bonus games in one feature, is all that matters! When you eventually land the 3 or more Scatters that get you in, a sultry female voice welcomes you, and the thrill of having arrived is a moment you never tire of.

Don’t be disappointed that you aren’t offered a choice between Free Spins games when you enter the Playboy Club for the first time. You need to earn that privilege by becoming a regular patron. On your first four visits, only Kimi’s Free Spins game is available. Her 10 Free Spins come with a 5x multiplier on all wins, and if you land 3 or more Scatters, you’ll retrigger the feature.

On your fifth visit to the Playboy Club, Sofia’s Free Spins game is unlocked. She offers 15 Free Spins with Running Wilds, a patented Microgaming mechanism. Wild stacks on each reel increase by one Wild on every spin resulting in stacks of 15 Wilds on all 5 reels by the end of the feature. With that many Wilds in the mix, the chances of landing spectacular wins are real, and the last few spins of the feature are a series of heartstopping moments. Unlike Kimi’s Free Spins game, this one can’t be retriggered, so make the most of your 15 spins before returning to the relative humdrum of the Base Game.

Ashley’s Free Spins game is available from your tenth visit to the Playboy Club. The 20 Free Spins feature Rolling Reels, another patented mechanism found in several other Microgaming titles. Each time a winning combination lands, all the symbols involved in the win explode. The symbols above drop down to fill their positions, and the 2x multiplier is activated. The multiplier increments by 1 on each successive Rolling Reels win, up to a maximum of 5x. This Free Spins game can’t be retriggered.

The last of the 4 Free Spins games, hosted by Jillian, is unlocked on your fifteenth visit to the Playboy Club. It offers 25 spins, during which the Wild NIght feature occurs randomly. It turns an entire reel Wild, and can affect all 5 reels (according to the paytable - in our experience you’re doing well if you get 2 Wild reels). As with the preceding two Free Spins games, you cannot retrigger Jillian’s.

Once you’ve succeeded in unlocking all 4 Free Spins games, you can choose any of them on your future visits to the Playboy Club. Your progress towards Platinum Status is reflected on the paytable, where your visits to the club are recorded on a segmented meter. Platinum Status is awarded when you’ve visited the Club 20 times. While this doesn’t win you any hard cash, it does make you rich in terms of the Playboy Club’s most important currency: exclusivity.

Gaining access to the Playboy Club by landing 4 or 5 Scatters doesn’t get you more Free Spins than if you trigger the feature with 3 Scatters, but what it does get you is some very decent payouts. The Scatter is the highest paying symbol in play: landing 5 gets you a superb 200x your triggering stake, while 4 results in a not to be scoffed at 20x. 3 Scatters brings 2x your bet, and unusually, even 2 Scatters gets you a payout, albeit a modest 1x your bet.

How to play

Exclusive as the experience may be, this isn’t a complex slot, and it doesn’t take long to get a feel for it. Here are some pointers that may accelerate your entry into the Playboy Club.

What’s your budget? Identifying the amount you’re comfortable playing with should be the first thing you do. Once you have a number in mind, set your bet size by clicking the Settings button to the left of the reels. This opens a panel where you can adjust the Coin Size (which ranges from 0.01 to 0.20) and Coins Bet (ranging from 1 to 5). These are multiplied by each other, then multiplied by 30 to determine your Total Bet. The minimum bet the game caters for is 0.30 credits, and the maximum is 30 credits. If budget doesn’t factor in your considerations, the Max Bet button is for you.

The Settings panel can also be used to turn game sounds off, or select the Quick Spin option.

Next, take a moment to study the paytable. Note that the Scatter the top paying symbol in play, followed by the Wild. Of the regular symbols, Jillian has the highest value, followed by Ashley, Sofia and Kimi.

This is a 243 ways game. To win, you’re looking to land 3 or more matching symbols anywhere on adjacent reels, starting from the leftmost reel.

Get spinning! You’ll probably find you get tired of hitting the Spin button on repeat. Holding the button down reveals the Autoplay menu, where you can choose between 10 and 25 spins.

The Wild double all wins in which it substitutes for another symbol.

3 or more Scatters gets you into the Playboy Club. Set your sights on entering the club as often as possible, because while Kimi’s Free Spins game is available from your first visit, multiple visits are required to unlock the games hosted by Sofia, Ashley and Jillian.

Where to Play Playboy?

All this talk about has probably made you want to see for yourself what all the fuss is about. So, what are you waiting for? As you read this, Kimi, Sofia, Ashley and Jillian are standing by to welcome you. Whether you’re ready to play for real immediately, or prefer to warm up with some free play before committing, we have you covered.

Play for real money

There’s something to be said for trusting your instinct, so if right now feels like your lucky moment, follow the link below to see our recommended casinos where you can get the full Playboy experience. Play Playboy for real money.

Play free demo version

Perhaps you’d like to see what Playboy is all about before you start throwing money at it? If so, check out the demo version of the game. You’re unlikely to experience all four Free Spins games in the demo, it does offer an introduction to Kimi, Sofia, Ashley and Jillian, and the Playboy lifestyle. You can play the Playboy demo for free right here on Slot Catalog.

The 200 Spins Playboy Experience

200 spins aren’t enough to provide accurate statistics about any slot, and that is especially true of this one. Still, a 200 spin trial is sufficient to give us a little taste of the Playboy lifestyle. The question is - will it be enough to get us into the Playboy Club? Let’s find out!

We opt for a modest bet size of 1.50 credits, and get ready to watch the action unfold. Our preference would be to set Autoplay to 200 spins, but strangely, 10x and 25x are the only two autoplay options.

The Base Game proves uneventful for us. The Wild pops up to double our wins on several occasions, and while this does spice things up, it isn’t enough to make the experience very exciting. Our best win with a Wild pays 5.3x our stake. We achieve frequent wins with low and medium-value symbols, but landing matching playmates proves a whole lot more difficult. Our top Base Game win is 2 Jillians plus a Wild, which awards 6.6x our stake. Not once do we manage to land 4 or 5 matching playmates.

90 spins in, we land the 3 Scatters required to enter the Playboy Club. As expected, only Kimi’s Free Spins game is available to us, and while just 2 of our 10 spins are winning ones (of which one is a notable 20x our triggering stake), the 5x win multiplier gives us the boost we need, and we exit the feature with almost 29x our triggering stake. Not enough to buy that Ferrari, but certainly enough to make us want to visit the Club again. 83 spins later, another 3 Scatters gets us back in! Before we started our 200 spin trial, we played this slot for an extended session, triggering the feature 3 times. So, in total, this is our 5th visit to the Club, which means we can access Sofia’s Free Spins game. The winning potential in the growing Wild stacks on each reel is obvious, and although we don’t succeed in exploiting this to the max, we do manage two respectable wins. Our total win of 56.35 credits equates to 37.5x our triggering stake. So, in our case, Sofia proved a little more generous than Kimi, but don’t assume it’ll always turn out that way - that isn’t how slots work!

Our 2 visits to the Playboy Club were certainly the highlights of our trial. Neither visit was as lucrative as we’d have liked, but we saw enough to recognize that the Playboy Club is where dreams of hitting the big time are most likely to come true.

Review Summary

Originally released in 2013, this slot still feels current, and will serve as a fine introduction to Playboy for a whole new generation of fans. Whether Hugh Hefner sampled the game before his death in 2017 is unknown, but if indeed he did, it would have brought a smile to his face, without a doubt. The lavish presentation, beautifully illustrated playmates, racy sounds - indeed, everything about it, make this slot a very successful celebration of the Playboy brand.

From a gameplay perspective, the Base Game doesn’t offer much, but this is by no means unusual for medium volatility slots. It’s hardly a secret that the Playboy Club is where magic is more likely to happen. Kimi, Sofia, Ashley and Jillian aren’t the kind of girls who throw themselves at you: it requires time and patience to experience all four of the Free Spins games. But, if you’re serious about seeing what this slot has to offer, then experience them you must! The bonus games are as different to one another as the playmates who host them, and if luck is with you, any one of Kimi, Sofia, Ashley or Jillian could deliver a winning experience you won’t forget in a hurry.

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Playboy Slot FAQs

What is Playboy’s Return to Player (RTP)?

Playboy has an RTP or Payout Percentage of 96.57%. That puts it very close to the industry average for online slots, which is 96%.

Does Playboy have a Free Spins bonus?

Oh yes. The Playboy Club is the game’s big attraction, and is effectively four different Free Spins games in one feature. Each of these is hosted by one of the four starring playmates. Kimi’s Free Spins is available from the first trigger of the Playboy Club, while the remaining three bonus games are unlocked sequentially: Sofia’s Free Spins on the fifth trigger, Ashley’s Free Spins on the tenth, and Jillian’s on the fifteenth. Once all four Free Spins games have been unlocked, they are all available on subsequent visits to the Playboy Club.

What is the biggest possible win in Playboy?

The highest possible win is 1 215 000 coins.

How volatile is Playboy?

This is a medium volatility slot.

How many winning ways are available in this game?

Playboy offers 243 ways to win.

Can I play Playboy for free?

Absolutely, the demo version of Playboy is available right here on this page, above this review. Try it out, and if it’s to your liking, you might want to try the real thing. If so, you’ll find our recommended casinos where you can play Playboy for real money earlier in this review.

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