Clover Rollover 2

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Clover Rollover 2 slot REVIEW

Clover Rollover 2 ReviewThe national symbol of Ireland is the 3-leaf clover (called a shamrock), and these 3 leaves symbolizes faith, love and hope. The fourth leaf is reserved for the legendary irish luck, and you’ll need plenty of that to get ahead in this Eyecon title. Get ready to be mesmerized by the rolling green hills of the Emerald Isle, cause Clover Rollover 2 follows up an original game that was released well over 10 years ago. The first game was on the simpler side, and not all that much has changed in all these years to be honest.

This sequel game is also super simple, and it comes with virtually no bonus features. The reels are set close enough to the ground that you’ll see the dewy shamrocks bending slightly in the breeze, and the 4-leaf clover can bring in wins up to 10,000x your stake here. This should be more than enough to buy a few rounds at the local pub, and it’s really an exceptionally high potential for a low volatility game. The RTP is also low however, and clocks in at 93.98 %, which is still almost 1 % higher than the first game in the series.

Naturally, the game has been visually modernized, and a cheerful irish folk tune accompanies every spin on the 5x3 reel setup. You will benefit from 5 paylines in this game, but you can adjust that seamlessly down to 1, if you want. The paylines pay both ways, and there is no wild symbol or scatter symbol to be found in Clover Rollover 2 slot. Only good old fashioned regular symbols that are typical for irish themed games are in play here, and there really are no bonus features to talk about except 3 different progessive jackpots.

Clover Rollover 2

What are the bonus features?

The irish luck theme is usually a feature rich experience, but Eyecon has decided to not deviate too much from the original game when it comes to this. There really are no bonus features in this game except the jackpots. You will not benefit from any kind of wild symbols here, and there is no free spins bonus round to look forward to.

This means that the game is all about the base game grind and the jackpot chase, and there are 3 different progressive jackpots you can win here. These are the Mini, Maxi and Mega jackpots, and they will all build up from different seed levels. The Mega Jackpot is what you really want to land though, but the smaller jackpots can also give you some random decent payouts.

Free spins in Clover Rollover 2

There is no free spins bonus round in Clover Rollover 2, as it’s really all about the landing big wins in the base game, or waiting for a jackpot to trigger. Many players will probably be a bit disappointed by this lack of features, and this very much includes us. We would have loved to have free spins round to look forward to in this sequel game, or anything at all really, but what can we say. It is what it is, after all.

How to play

The game interface from Eyecon is simple enough, and you’ll find everything you need below the reels. In this part of the review we take a closer look at how to play Clover Rollover 2, and we will guide you through everything you need to know to master this game from the get-go.

Click the hamburger menu down to the right to open up 4 different menus. We’ll start from the top and work our way down. The “Rules & Payouts” takes you into the paytable, and this is a static paytable which does not update according to your chosen bet level. Instead, it displays line bet wins for each symbol combination.

The four-leaf clover (or shamrock, if you wish) is the most valuable symbol in this game, which makes sense due to its cultural status. It pays 2,000x your stake for 5 on a payline, which is a massive payout indeed. Fill the screen with nothing but the 4-leaf clover, and you’ll pocket a solid 10,000x your stake, which is the biggest win possible in the base game.

There are 5 other premium symbols to take note of, namely a pot of gold with a rainbow, an irish cross, a fair maiden, a green leprechaun hat and a couple of juicy irish stouts. The 5 premiums pay between 1,500x and 40x your stake, and you also have 3 royal symbols that pay between 20x and 5x. You need to land between 3 and 5 matching symbols on adjacent reels from the uttermost left to the right in order to win.

You will see the 5 paylines illustrated at the very bottom of the paytable section. Keep in mind that these paylines pay both ways, so you’re really dealing with 10 ways to win in reality. This game allows you to choose between 1 and 5 active paylines, and you do this by clicking the coin stack icon to open up the bet level settings.

Here you can choose a total bet between 50p and £50 per spin. That is, if you go with all 5 paylines active. If you only go with 1 payline active, for example, you can place bets between 10p and £10 per spin instead. It’s all up to you really, and at least you have the flexibility to make a choice.

Once you’ve got your bet level sorted out, you can decide whether or not you want to set up the autoplay feature. You can choose between 5 and 100 autospins, and there are no advanced options that can help you stop the feature automatically here. You will therefore have to take care of that yourself, and you can also spin the reels manually, of course, if you prefer that.

Where to play Clover Rollover 2?

The wide release of this game is still a few weeks away at the time of writing, but the good news is that you can play Clover Rollover 2 slot exclusively at Betfair Casino already. Eyecon is a pretty popular developer, and you will usually be able to find any new game from them at more than 100 casinos after the wide release has happened. We will present you with your best options below.

Play for real money

Once the wide release has happened, you will find plenty of trusted and licenced casinos to play this game at. We scan the whole casino market for you on a daily basis, and you’ll find a list of all the casinos that carry Clover Rollover 2 at the top of this page. This means that you will always find the best possible overview here with us, and you can follow the short-cut link up there to make your pick in the welcome offer buffet.

Play free demo version

If you’re not quite ready to spend money on this game yet, or if you just feel that you need to know more, it’s a good idea to check out the free demo version. This is the absolute easiest and quickest way to familiarize yourself with the rather simple gameplay, and see if this is something you want to pursue further. Of course, we have the Clover Rollover 2 demo game installed for you right here on this page. Simply follow the link to the very top, and you can get started with free play immediately.

The 200 Spins Clover Rollover 2 Experience

There is no lack of irish lucky symbols in this game, and the soundtrack is charming enough. However, the complete lack of features had us worried up front, but we decided to give it a go anyway. With a moderate bet level of £1.5 per spin, we tossed caution to the wind and got ourselves in the mood for a jolly trip to the irish countryside.

You can check out the highlights of our 200 spins test session in the video, but there isn't much to see here to be totally honest. With no features to trigger, you will either win a bigger payout in the base game, or not. We gave it our best shot, but the irish luck just wasn’t on our side this time.

Not even a tiny pint of beginner’s luck was handed out, and we kept landing nothing but dead spins and minute wins. The whole session is basically a flatline, or perhaps a slowly sinking ship is a better description. The idyllic scenery, and the clover meadow in the foreground, had our mind wandering as the reels kept spinning to no avail.

Our biggest win was like 2x or 3x, we can’t even remember at this point, because they were all without any significance. This is a game that can lead to massive base game wins for sure, but if that doesn’t happen you might get bored after a while. We sure did, and the pace of the game is not the best we’ve seen either.

Summing up those measly wins takes a small eternity, and we can only wonder how long a significant win would take to sum up. The way the symbols move up and down after each spin is also a bit nauseating, like you’re “seeing things” from a bad hangover. Anyway, to sum it up: Nothing happened. With that, we can only wish you the best of luck with your first spins on Clover Rollover 2 slot.

Review Summary

Clover Rollover 2 is basically an upgraded version of the original game, as the visual presentation is modernized and the max win potential is a bit more solid here. All the symbols are the same, but they have been given a makeover, and you will still play with 5 win-both-ways paylines. We think the game relies a bit too much on the “irish charm” alone, as the complete lack of bonus features is a bit unusual for this type of game.

Yes, you have the 3 progressive jackpots, of course, but outside of that there is nothing but endless base game grind. What keeps you going is the fact that wins up to 10,000x your stake is possible, which is pretty darn solid for a game with low volatility. Still, as our 200 spins test session proved, you need to be mentally prepared for longer periods of pretty much nothing happening but the sound of your bankroll slowly drying up like the town drunkard in some forgotten irish novel.


3 progressive jackpots

Low volatility and 10,000x max win potential

Ultra-simplistic gameplay with no features


RTP of 93.98 %

Literally no bonus features (not even a wild)

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Clover Rollover 2 Slot FAQs

What is the Return to Player of Clover Rollover 2 slot?

The game’s RTP is 93.98 %, which is a bit higher than the original game. However, it’s still way below the industry standard, even for a jackpot game. You can find more general info about RTP and volatility via this link.

How volatile is Clover Rollover 2?

This is a low volatility game from Eyecon. You will get enough smaller wins to keep you somewhat afloat here, but bigger wins are few and far between.

What is the biggest win possible in Clover Rollover 2?

You can win up to 10,000x your stake by filling the reels with nothing but the 4-leaf clover symbol. This is a very solid potential for this kind of volatility, and it means payouts up to £500,000 is possible on a single spin if you play with the highest stake of £50.

How many winning ways are available in Clover Rollover 2?

The game comes with 5 ways to win, but they pay both ways.

How is Clover Rollover 2 different from Clover Rollover?

Visually, the game has been upgraded from the somewhat dated original game. The volatility is lower, but the max win has been increased from 7,500x to 10,000x your stake. None of the games have any bonus features except jackpots.

Is there a free spins mode in Clover Rollover 2?

No, there is no bonus round or any kind of bonus features in Clover Rollover 2 slot.

Can I play Clover Rollover 2 for free?

Yes, this is very possible. You can test Clover Rollover 2 for free via the demo game at the very top of this page (UK players must verify their age first). Up there you can also check out our selection of casinos that carry this game, and play with a sweet welcome bonus.

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