Max Quest - Mission: Amazon

(Betsoft) Slot Review

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Max Quest - Mission: Amazon slot REVIEW

Max Quest - Mission: Amazon Game ReviewMax Quest returns to take his team of soldiers on an exciting new journey. Max Quest - Mission: Amazon is yet another action-slot from Betsoft to complement the Max Quest series, this time taking our beloved heroes to fight ferocious enemies through the dark jungle of the Amazon to get amazing prizes of up to 6,000x of the bet!

Max Quest - Mission: Amazon - Outlook

Max Quest is an arcade game where you control a weapon, and the purpose here is to shoot and kill enemies to get rewarded. Each bullet is considered a placed bet, or to be more precise, each fired bullet consumes a fixed cash amount. Loading the game will take players to the game's lobby, where they can choose their preferred rooms to play, each one offering different shot prices of 0.03$ to 1$ per shot.

It's not that crucial to have any skills of playing shooter games for the gameplay is simple and there are low barriers to enter. Making a shot requires either tapping on the enemy or clicking on it with the mouse, depending on what device you are using. No misses are possible too for in case there was no enemy on the chosen area, the bullet will bounce around until it finds the target. You'll get your returns fairly often since the RTP is way above the average at 97.5%.

Max Quest - Mission: Amazon - Weapons

The game kicks off with a standard pistol equipped, and the players are able to obtain much more powerful weapons via purchasing them or looting the dead enemies. Those are called Special Weapons and unlike the standard one they do not consume cash to fire, though, they have a limited number of bullets. Special Weapons are more effective against enemies, so it would be wise not to waste those precious shots.

Each weapon has different stats worth considering to succeed in the game, such as an area of damage, weapon strength, and other extra effects. There are 12 to them in total, including in ascending order standard pistol, rapid-fire pistol, shotgun, machine gun, grenade, mine launcher, rocket launcher, plasma rifle, laser, railgun, flamethrower, cryogun, and artillery strike.

Instant Win Feature

Furthermore, there are 3 different effects weapons can deliver, such as Critical Hits, Instant Kills, and Overkills. Critical Hits deal more damage to enemies and the chance of delivering a crit depends on the weapon you are using. Instant Kills are dynamic and depend on the enemy's current HP as well as the weapon used. If the target's HP is low enough, it can be instantly killed to award an extra prize. In case your weapon has more damage than the target's HP left, it's considered an Overkill and award additional random rewards.

Max Quest - Misson: Amazon - Enemies

Once in the game, enemies will start spawning around the game area and walking through the game screen, following a randomly generated path. Those enemies are split into 2 categories, standard enemies and Legendary Bosses.

Each standard enemy has a fixed number of HP, depending on its level, which can be either 1, 2, or 3. There are 12 standard enemies, including various toads, insects, beasts, and tribal relentless creatures.

Standard Enemies

Whenever an enemy is destroyed, there's a little chance of summoning one of 3 Legendary Bosses. Those are Spider Queen, Stone Guardian, and Primal King, with 1,000, 2,500, and 5,000 HP respectively, so you'll require some effort to kill them.

Max Quest - Mission: Amazon - Rewards

On each enemy kill, players will be awarded a respective cash prize. Up to 6 players can play simultaneously, and in case more than 1 player dealt damage to the enemy, the payout is spread among all the players, depending on the damage dealt. The enemies can also drop crates containing Special Weapons, and the prize will go to the player who dealt the mortal blow.

During the boss battles, Legendary enemies may drop cash prizes randomly on any hit as well as award a large cash reward after being defeated. Moreover, killing a boss will also award a precious gem, which will grant you an additional instant cash prize. As well as dealing more damage to bosses, Special Weapons also increase the chance of winning a rare gemstone, with the diamond being most desired among all. There are also sapphires, emeralds, and rubies available to be claimed.

Additional rewards can be claimed via completing the side quests, namely Quests for the Treasure of the Amazon. There are 5 of them in total, each one requiring collecting 3 valuable items to finish. Those items can drop from any enemy on any shot at random during the session. Completing a quest will award a corresponding instant cash payout, equal your bet multiplied by a fixed respective multiplier.

A leaderboard is also available to add a touch of competitiveness to the gameplay. Each time you kill an enemy, a respective number of experience points (XP) is awarded, leveling up players' account and rank on the leaderboard. XP can also be gained by collecting items and finishing quests, though, XP doesn't have any value.

Max Quest - Mission: Amazon - Verdict

It doesn't significantly differ from any other Max Quest slots in terms of the gameplay, and the only difference between the games in the series is the setting, so it's all limited to what you prefer, either Ancient Egypt theme, pirates, or maybe fighting against hordes of fierce primal creatures in the Amazon rainforests.

Anyway, it doesn't mean that Mission: Amazon edition is unlikely to offer anything exciting in terms of the gameplay. It's a skillful mix of an arcade shooter and slot game, which provides a unique gaming experience, so in case you somehow haven't already got acquainted with the Betsoft's slot series, this one offers a great opportunity to plunge into the universe of Max Quest.


Max Quest - Mission: Amazon Slot FAQsWhat are the key stats of Max Quest - Mission: Amazon?

The RTP of this game is solid at 97.5%(Read more about RTP here). Powered by a high volatile math model, the slot offers rewards of up to 6,000x of the bet on a single round.

How to play Max Quest - Mission: Amazon?

Stand against enemy forces and defeat them to get awesome prizes, as well as complete side quests and rank up at the leaderboard.

Is Max Quest - Mission: Amazon on mobile devices?

Of course. It's compatible with all known devices, including PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

Where can I play Max Quest - Mission: Amazon for real money?

Check out the best casino list. for this slot we prepared for you, and don't forget to claim a welcome bonus to start your session on a good note.

Can I play Max Quest - Mission: Amazon for free?

Sure you can. You can play the free demo here at SlotCatalog.

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