The union between corn and bean

Amerindian story, Ahnishnahbe tribe

CornLong ago, the Corn was a tall and good-looking plant, who grew in a corner of the garden and waved his stalk in the breeze of the wind. From his height he could see everything around him. The way the birds talk with each other, how the animals do their daily work, how the Sun rises and sets every day. And the Corn was happy almost all the time. But one evening, when he watched the sunset and the way the colors of the Sky changed from yellow to red and then to violet shades, He felt the bites of sadness. He saw two butterflies flying around him and suddenly he knew why he felt himself sad. He was alone. He felt that he needs the love and company of a family. And while the Sun started to disappear under horizon, the Corn began to sing a song of loneliness.
Next morning he saw that the beautiful Pumpkin maiden came near him during night. She told him that she heard his song and if he wants, she will gladly marry him. But the Corn saw that they were very different and told her that, although she is a beautiful plant, they can not marry. He said that she is a plant that must spread her self all over the ground, while he must stay in the same place and grow tall. Plus, the large leaves of Pumpkin don’t let the Sun reach other young plants that grow beneath them. Instead, the Corn grows tall and slender and lets the sunlight passes trough so other plants can enjoy it too.
All this time the climbing Bean, who was closed to them, heard their discussion and seeded her self next to Corn. After a wile she germinated and her sprouts touched the Corn and started climbing around his stalk. The Corn and the Bean grew tall and thrived together. They were very happy together. So they knew that their union was meant to be. They promised each other to grow forever together. That’s why the people from Ahnishnahbe tribe respect this union and since then they grow corn and bean together.

Retold by M. Arjoca,

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