by M. Arjoca, vegetalshapes.com

OstaraOstara is the Germanic goddess of spring, fertility, rebirth and growth. She was celebrated in April and to honor her people lit big fires and made copious feasts. Her name could be translated “East“ or “Light“ and from it derives the word “Easter“ in English and “Ostern“ in German.
Because the celebration of Ostara was a deeply rooted tradition, the Christianity borrowed some of her symbols and rites and replaced it with the celebration of Jesus Christ rebirth.
The main symbols of Ostara were the rabbit and the eggs.
The rabbit is a universal symbol of fertility. For some people (America, China, and Africa) he is associated with night and Moon (you can see a rabbit on the face of the Moon). For other peoples he is associated with the sunlight. In some Romanian legends, the rabbit is the animal that pulls the carriage of the Sun on the sky.
For Romanians the rabbit is an undeniable symbol of fertility and grain. For example, in some parts of Romania, the uncut ears of wheat which remain on field are called “the grass of rabbit”.
The eggs symbolize new life, growth, protection and new beginning. The egg symbolizes the beginning of all things, regeneration and immortality. It is said that the universe was born from an egg. The Sky appeared from the top of it and the Earth appeared from its underside. The yolk has turned itself into Sun.
The egg means fertility and it is used in many rituals of fertility. For example, Romanian peasants put egg shells in the bags with seeds or they buried them in the soil when plowing. Finnish peasants wore eggs in their pockets when plowing. At a Romanian wedding, it is necessarily that the groom and bride to eat an egg when they come back from church.
Ostara seen as a maiden, young mother or young wife, governed the spring, the rebirth of life and nature. The April month was called the month of Ostara.
CrocusesToday she is celebrated in neopaganism, around March 21, when the vernal equinox is. At this date the day is equal with the night and therefore there is a balance between light and darkness, between life and death. And it is known for sure that from this moment, the day length increases and spring comes. Now the Sun and the Moon unite themselves symbolically and the rebirth of life after winter is celebrated. It is time to clean your house and your mind from bad thoughts because in spring not only the nature rejuvenates but also everybody’s life.  
It is time for a new beginning; a positive and full of hope one. It is time for new dreams and new projects.
Ostara is honored with feasts where you can eat eggs, greens, seeds and spring fruits. You can bring flowers because snowdrops, daffodils and all the other flowers that bloom in this period are her symbols. Fires are lit and prayers are said to her to bring positive thoughts, joy, hope and fertility. Now it’s time to start the spring work in garden and to sow seeds for a new life.

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