Early spring flowers

by M. Arjoca, vegetalshapes.com

Winter aconites fieldThere is still winter, but some plants show their flowers even above the partially melted snow. These are plants that bloom between winter and spring and their colors give us joy in a season when every thing seems frozen and dormant. For us the cold and the snow are not always something wonderful, but for these plants the low temperature is ideal to be happy and bloomy. If it would be warmer or sunnier they would die or they would not bloom. The snowdrops start to bloom in February, but in some southern regions you can see them even in January.
The fact that these plants bloom when the other plants are dormant is an advantage because different insects and animals who look for food in a season when it’s hard to find, will certainly pay them a visit. This way the pollination is assured. If they would bloom when other plants bloom too, the competition will be higher. Plus, their flowers are also a gift for us. We can see that in a frozen, cold period there are still colors and life around. This gives us hope. After the flowers spent and the temperature rises, their leaves continue to work and prepare food. That’s why don’t cut them after the flowers wilt. To some plants the leaves dry also after a wile, but to others they stay until the first frost. These last ones can bloom one more time in autumn when the temperature drops again. It’s the case of the pansies.
The plants that bloom in this season are short enough to be grown also in containers. This is an advantage for those with container gardens. They are suited to semi-shade, but also to sunny gardens. When grown on a slope garden, they give the impression that you look to a beautiful painting on a wall.
Below it’s a list of some plants that bloom in early spring:

Winter aconites (Eranthis)



Erica (Ericaceae)



Pansies (Viola)



Hellebore (Helleborus)

Coltsfoot (Tussilago farfara)

Sweet violets (Viola odorata)




English daisies (Bellis perennis)



Primroses (Primula)




Spring bulbs

Anemones (Anemone)




Buttercups (Ranunculus)